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Equity Mortgage Financing

You have no steady income and poor credit, but owe less on your mortgage than the value of your home

If the market value of your home is more than what you owe on your mortgage, the difference between the two amounts is referred to as “equity.” For example, if you could sell your home for $450,000 and owe $250,000 on the current mortgage, then you have $200,000 in equity in your home. The fact that you have already made a considerable investment in your home (i.e. the equity), is enough assurance for some lenders to offer you a mortgage loan, even if you don’t have a job or have not been able to keep up with bill payments. We have access to lenders that you might otherwise never know about. We can also give you the opportunity to rebuild your credit with affordable monthly payments. Call one of our experts now to learn more.

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You need cash and your current mortgage is less than the value of your home

If you have equity in your home, we have lenders willing to increase your mortgage amount in exchange for ready cash. For example, if your home is valued at $400,000 and your current mortgage loan is $150,000, you could get $100,000 in cash by increasing your mortgage loan to $250,000. This is a great way to free up money for renovations, special events, or even a long overdue vacation. By adding the equity loan to your mortgage, the payments are spread out over a longer time period, keeping the total monthly payment relatively low. Getting the cash you need now could be just a phone call away.





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