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Mortgage Financing

You have a good credit rating, steady income, 20% down payment

We can get you the best deal on a home mortgage because we know how valuable you really are. So do lenders, and when they know that they have to compete for your business, they “sharpen their pencils” as the old saying goes. We have relationships with about 100 banks, credit unions, trust companies, and other lenders. They know that when we send them your profile, we are essentially holding an auction for your business. The lender that comes in with the lowest rate and the best terms “wins.” The very best part is that this doesn’t cost you a dime! The winning lender pays us a fee for brokering the deal with you. If you have a good credit rating, steady income, and 20% or more to make a down payment, call us now and find out what “the best deal” really looks like.

Image of a country house
Image of a country house

You have good credit, steady income, but little or no down payment

The theory is that the less of your own money you have invested in a home, the more risk you present to the lender, which usually translates into paying a higher rate. Well, that may be true in some cases, but not all; and, what we’re really talking about here may only be a few dollars a month. We have ways! As your advocate with up to 100 different lenders, our experts can negotiate agreements to finance your down payment as well as your mortgage. So even if you don’t have enough money saved, chances are that we can still find a solution that will get you into the home you want. Call us now to find out what your options are.





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