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Mortgage Investments

Have you ever considered how the banks make their money? They don't invest in stocks or mutual funds, they use depositors' funds and invest in real estate via mortgage lending. We have investments that allow you to participate in mortgage lending just like the banks do. In addition to using your personal savings, you can use your RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan), TFSA (Tax-Free Savings Account), RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan), RRIF (Registered Retirement Income Fund), or Syndicated Offerings to participate in mortgage lending.

Mortgage Investment Corporation Shares

A Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is a pool of investor funds dedicated to investing in mortgages. Every MIC has its own terms and guidelines, therefore it is very important to find the right MIC that matches your investment profile and goals. It is a passive investment, meaning you don't have to manage it on a daily basis. Dedicated and experienced fund managers are overseeing the portfolio on the shareholder's behalf. Every MIC has a history. Let Drake Financial assist you in assessing a MIC suitable for your goals.

Private Lending

You have the ability to invest as a private lender in the mortgage industry. Your investment will be secured by a mortgage of real property and you choose the property, terms and conditions that you wish to invest in. This type of investment is considered more high risk because you are not sharing this of default with other investors. However, there is the potential for a higher return as the management fees are lower.

Limited Partnerships

Limited partnership investments can provide specialized tax deferral and an opportunity to participate in many large resource and development projects with a potentially high return.

Current Private Mortgages available for Investors

Rural Ponoka, AB

Rate of return: 11.95%

Property Vaule: $792,000

Charge: First Blanket Secured Mortgage

65% LTV

Denman Island, BC

Rate of return: 7.95%

Property Vaule: $2,950,000

Charge: First Mortgage

50% LTV

West Vancouver, BC

Rate of return: 13.95%

Property Vaule: $4,100,000

Charge: Second Mortgage

65% LTV

West Vancouver, BC

Rate of return: 8.95%

Property Vaule: $2,385,000

Charge: First Mortgage

60% LTV

Calgary, AB

Rate of return: 12.95%

Property Vaule: $382,000

Charge: Second Mortgage

75% LTV

West Vancouver, BC

Rate of return: 13.95%

Property Vaule: $3,700,000

Charge: Third Mortgage

65% LTV





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